Protect Your Interests After A Property Loss

When your business suffers a loss because of a fire or other covered casualty, such as an explosion or collapse, it is critical to get a lawyer on the scene rapidly in order to preserve the evidence, and to put those people on notice who have a financial interest in the outcome of the claim.

Whether you have insurance or not, it is critical to have legal representation immediately to protect your interests.

Maximize Your Recovery | Get Experienced Wisconsin Counsel On The Scene

  • You are in the middle of a construction project and a wall collapses.
  • You are a dairy farmer and your barn silo falls into the milking parlor after an unexplained explosion.
  • Your silo begins to tip and is in danger of damaging other property if not taken down in a controlled collapse.
  • Your warehouse is engulfed by fire after an unloading process starts a spark and the contents of a truck burst into flame, spreading throughout the building.
  • Your house suffers a lightning strike and the sump pump stops, causing flooding in your basement.
  • Your house suffers a fire loss.

Any of these are devastating experiences, and they have all happened to clients represented by the Cook firm.

Greg Cook grasps the complexities of a business and the loss quickly and can get the right people to the scene quickly and efficiently. He has achieved successful outcomes for farmers, homeowners, insurers, and commercial property owners statewide.

We Represent Residential And Commercial Property Owners And Their Insurers

Greg Cook Law Offices, S.C., based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has successfully handled many property losses. Insurers find it better to retain an attorney in the state rather than large regional law firms, someone who has “boots on the ground” and understands the jurisdiction where the claim arises. We mount arguments in the cases that are firm but rooted in fact.

Our goal is to ensure that you are well represented after a farm accident. The Law Offices of Greg Cook, S.C., can help. Call him at 888-499-4129 or write to him using this form.

But call quickly, as soon as your loss occurs. Timing is critical in preserving evidence and preparing the case after property loss. Recovery, clean-up and rebuilding cannot wait. The site must be preserved immediately for the right to recover against potential parties responsible for the loss.